About Meghan


Hi everyone! My name is Meghan and I am the author of “A Run with Meghan”.

I have had a long personal history with trying to maintain a healthy life style. Since I was in the fourth grade I struggled with being an overweight child. For 15 years I struggled to try and control my weight through the means of diet and exercise; however, no matter how hard I tried those types of activities never worked enough. In January of 2010 after a lot of research, at the age of 24, I had weight loss surgery. Although having weight loss surgery has given me a tool to help control my weight, in no way shape or form was having weight loss surgery going to be my only key to regaining my health!

So, how did I get into running? The day of my surgery I made a personal commitment to myself that I would never rely solely on my surgery to remain healthy for the rest of life. My goal was not only to be at a healthy weight (which I have accomplished by losing 140 pounds, now weighing 150 pounds), but it was also to become an “athlete”. Growing up I was always active playing softball, roller hockey, lacrosse, riding horses, snowboarding, etc. Even as a “bigger girl” I was still playing softball and snowboarding; however, that was not going to be enough for me now! When I think of athletes the fist thing I think of are runners — and I made it my personal goal to become a runner!

Since then I have completed a full marathon, half marathon, sprint distance triathlon and lots of 10 and 5k races. I have truly fallen in love with running and I cannot imagine my life without it. I have also fallen in love with triathlons. Having completed a sprint distance triathlon in 2011, I am now training for a half Ironman triathlon! Outside of running, biking or swimming I spend my summers playing golf with husband.

For my full time “real” job, I work for the Michigan House of Representatives as the Chief of Staff to one of the State Representatives. I’ve been working there since late 2003 and I love my job! (It is politics and I always say you either love it or hate it!) In addition to working downtown Lansing, I am also an avid cook, baker, and entertainer! In addition to A Run with Meghan, I also blog about my cooking and baking adventures at “A Taste of Meghan’s Kitchen“! There is nothing that makes me happier than to be cooking, baking or entertaining our friends and families!

I am married to most amazing man, Mark and together we live in Mason, Michigan with our three dogs named Liberty Bell, Cuffs, and Capone. Mark is the most supportive husband with my lifestyle and fitness goals, and I could not do what I do without him! 


Meghan with her husband, Mark.

In 2013 Mark made th decision to also become a runner. He lost 30 pounds, has ran multiple races and is now training for his first marathon; which we will run together in December of 2013!!

Our Dogs: Capone, Liberty Bell and Cuffs

Like many people out there I have my own person “Bucket List”. My bucket list is rather long; however, a few of the items on my bucket list relate to running and triathlons!  To see my personal Bucket List goals, check out Meghan’s Bucket List Goal!



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