Happy National Running Day

The past month Mark and I have been insanely busy! Just like many of you — sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you enjoy. Although Mark and I have been able to keep on top of our training schedule things like my blogs sadly had to pushed aside for a few weeks. Things have finally settled down and are returning to “normal” and I cannot wait to get back to my blogs!

So much happened while I was away the past month or so. Besides work, in late May, Mark and I made a trip to Florida and took five days to see and spend time with our family who lives down there.


Left: Meghan & Mark with Mark’s sister (Becky), her husband (Kevin) and their daughter (Lauren).         Middle: Meghan & Mark with my Uncle Bob & Aunt Karen. Right: Meghan & Mark with her Grandma Hundley.

While we were in New Port Richey we took the opportunity to run through the James E. Grey Wildlife Preserve.  Although we did not get to see any wildlife (disappointment) it was a beautiful place to run; however, their paths, trails, and maps were not easy to understand nor very runner friendly.  Let me tell you what — running in late May in Florida is no joke!  It was harder to run 3 miles there than it was for Mark and I to do our 8 mile run the Monday after we got back home to Michigan.  This girl just cannot handle the humidity down in there!  (I am so glad that our marathon in Florida is during their “winter” and the weather will be much nicer — otherwise I would be in big trouble!) 


We stopped and posed for a picture after our 3 mile run through the James E. Grey Wildlife Preserve.

Besides our trip to Florida I have been spending hours outside working in my flower beds, getting all the new plants that we have bought planted.

A portion of the flowers that we bought this year for our flower beds!

A portion of the flowers that we bought this year for our flower beds!

I think as of today we have planted over 25 new plants — along with creating a new flower bed out back with a custom retaining wall!  For those of you who like to work outside in their yard — you know that the work never ends!!!!!

Okay… now onto the topic of today — NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!!!

According to the official website, National Running Day is held annually on the first Wednesday in June and is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.  Obviously this is something I can really get behind!!!  I may not be the fastest or the longest runner out there; however, no one can deny that I have a passion for this sport.  Today is a perfect day for me — as I love the idea of celebrating runners of all speeds, distances and abilities. All to often I hear other runners say they are not “real runners” because they are not the faster, strongest, biggest, etc — well today (and EVERY DAY) everyone counts!


(Create your own badge by visiting: http://www.runningday.org.)

People ask me all the time “why do you run”?  Well, the answer is simple — I run to prove to myself that I can!  Today I am going to head out on my 4 mile training run and today I will be thinking about how much I love run!  

I know you are probably sitting there dying to know how you can get in on all the National Running Day action?!?!  Right??  Well, there are a ton of ways that are easy for you to participate in: 

  • Get offline and go outside for a walk or run! 
  • Head on over to the National Running Day website or their Facebook page to see what they are all about.  Oh, and while you are there — make sure you tell them what running means to you and grab a badge like mine above to share with your friends and family!
  • Join a local running club! Can’t find one? Start one! 
  • Sign up for a race — of any distance! Whether it is a 5k (or longer), the goal of having a race you are registered for will help keep you motivated moving forward. 
  • Help and encourage new runners! (This is my favorite!!!!!) Do you have a friend, family member or neighbor who is thinking about taking up running? Invite them our for a casual walk (or run) around your neighborhood. Don’t worry about your speed or race and while you are walking make sure to find out what their questions and give them advice to get them started in the proper direction!

Just for memories sake — here are a few of my FAVORITE running memories:


One of my “Finishers” photo from my first marathon – The Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. (October 2011).


One of my “Finishers” photos from my first Half Marathon – the Fort Fort Fitness in Fort Wayne, IN (September 2011).


One of my “Finishers” photos from my first Sprint Distance Triathlon – the Trek Women’s Series Triathlon in Howell, MI (August 2011) – with my Mom!!!!


Our “Finishers” photo from the first race I ran with my Husband – the Sham Rock n’ Roll 10k in Plymouth, MI (March 2013).

Running has truly changed my life forever and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me — and Mark — as we continue to push ourselves forward! 


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