The Basics of Running: Proper Running Form

As I was sitting here writing my recent post “The Basics of Running: Hills & Hill Training” there were points where I was talking about how runners need to maintain the proper running form. Then I thought about the article I wrote before that, “The Basics of Running: Speed Training” and the article “The Basics of Running: Finding Your Perfect Pace“; and how again, I talk about “the proper running form”.

Then I realized that over and over I talk about “the proper running form”; however, I have never talked about what proper running form really is.  (I am siting here hand slapping my own forehand at this point!) Learning to have the proper form while running will help you to achieve the best race results, help you run more efficiently, and more importantly will help you reach the finish line safely and enjoyably.

When runners maintain good body position — head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over the mid-foot upon landing and arms swinging directly ahead — you run with good form and use less energy to run faster. If your arms, shoulders or back hurt or feel tense while training, you need to adjust your running form.


(Thanks New Balance for the photo above!)

Remember — to run farther, run faster and to run with less chance of injury and otherwise savor the joys of running require you learn the proper running form.  It will take attention, practice and patience, but you can do it!


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