Additions to the 2013 Race Calendar

So, Mark and I sat down today looking at our calendars for the summer and fall to figure out which upcoming races we were going to register for!  If your calendar is anything like ours, coming to an agreement on which races we are going to run isn’t always easy.  Between vacations, golf tournaments and an entire wish list of races we want to run — coming to a compromise on which races we are going to run verse which golf tournaments we are going to golf in isn’t always easy.  Lucky for both of us this time it wasn’t that hard to come to a decision.  So below are the races which we’ve added to the race calendar for 2013.

1) The Martian Invasion of the Races in Dearborn, MI on April 13th — Wanting to add a few more races to our calendar this year, we happen to come across this race and we knew instantly we wanted to run it!  First and foremost, the race entry fee is very affordable  they have awesome looking tech shirts, and the have awesome finisher medals.  Plus, it’s local — so we do not have to pay for travel expenses — PLUS my Mom and Dad are running the 10k with us!  This will be the first race we’ve all ran together in two years now.

The Medals for 2013 Martian Invasion of the Races! Some of the coolest medals I've seen!

The Finisher’s Medals for 2013 Martian Invasion of the Races! 

2) The Mason State Bank 5k in Mason, MI on May 3rd — Living in Mason we have a beautiful downtown area and I have yet to run a local hometown race, since I have always been out of town when they have been scheduled!  Not this year!!  Although it is only a 5k I am excited that I get to run my first race through my hometown of Mason!

3) The Kona Run in Northville, MI on June 8th — This race is formally known as the Solstice Run.  Distances include: 10 mile, 10k and 5k.   This is the second race in the 2013 Kona Triple Crown Series.  Although we had to give up a golf tournament Mark wanted to play in to run this race, we knew that had already ran the first race of the series (the Sham Rock n’ Roll 10k) and that we were going to run the third race in the series (the Wicked Halloween 10k), so we knew that we had to compete the series and add this race as well! 


The Finisher’s Medal for the 2013 Kona Run.

4) The Wicked Halloween 10k in Plymouth, MI on October 27th — Mark and I were registered for this race last year; however, due to a lack of training on Mark’s part and a foot injury for myself we missed the race.  This is the same route as the Sham Rock n’ Roll 10k we ran in March and I just love the route!  Plus it give Mark a chance to break the one hour mark — a goal he was 1 minute shy of this March!  This is the third race in the Kona Triple Crown running series and at the end of the race not only will get our finishers medal — we will get a fourth medal for having completed all three races in 2013.

I am sure there will be a few other races that could get added to the calendar! But so far these are the major ones!! 


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