Sham Rock n’ Roll Run

Race Name: Sham Rock n’ Roll Run
Distance/Type: 10k
Race Location: Plymouth, MI
Race Date: March 17, 2013

Finish Time: 1:12:48
Finish Place (Age Division & Overall): 108/160 & 1422/1845

Mark’s Finish Time: 1:01:14
Mark’s Finish Place (Age Division & Overall): 75/99 & 920/1845

This race one of my favorite new races from last year and I just knew I had to run it again this year! The course is amazing, the organization is great and the tech shirts and medals are awesome!  This year, I had one main goal… to get my husband to run with me!  Back in December we sat down, talked about it and he agreed that he wanted to run with me as long as I got him a training plan. 

In early January we both begun training. Half way through our training plan I hurt my knee taking our dogs outside and had to take 5 days off, along with really taking my training back a notch once I resumed.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to blaze through this race but that I would do well if I just took it at a nice steady pace.  Mark on the other hand, I knew was going to blow his time goal out of the water.  As this was his first race he set a time goal of 1:20:00… Seeing that he finished in 1:01 I would say that he blew his goal clear out of the water.  And the best part… He loved racing!! 

We decided to go down the day before the race and pickup our race packets and timing bibs.  Oh boy am I glad we did since we ended up getting lost on race morning and made in there just in the nick-of-time!  If we had needed to go over to pickup our packets and race bib on race morning, we would have missed the race! 

Our race bibs.

Our race bibs/timing chips.  This year the Kona Running Co. printed an option where you could scan your bib to get your finish time once you were done! 

Our alarm went off at 5:30 am this morning and we both forced ourselves out of bed.  We got ready. I made a protein shake, Mark grab a protein bar and we headed out the door.  I set the GPS in the car and we took off on the one hour drive towards Plymouth….. Well, at least so we thought.  An hour later we realized that I had set the GPS to the wrong city!  We did a quick u-turn and thanks to some “efficient” driving skills, we were in Plymouth and parked 15 minutes before the start of the race.  Parking this year was a breeze again! 

Mark and I before the start of the race!

Mark and I before the start of the race!

The course was a fairly flat course, all through a local subdivision in downtown Plymouth. Organizers had water stations at perfect spots throughout the 10k course and even a port-o-potty around the 3 mile marker, which was nice! 

My knee started to bother me a little bit around the 3.5 mile marker, but that didn’t seem to last long!  Other than that it was a nice smooth run! 

Last year the finish line was horrible!  There were so many people that the finished line was a huge bottle neck and I could barely get across the finish line.  This year it was PERFECT!   They wave started the 10k, pushed the start time back of the 5k, wave started the 5k, and took away all of the water tables in the middle of the finish gate.  They had a great selection of bagels, bananas and water (with enough for all the runners)!! 


Mark and I after the race with our medals!

Overall a great race and Mark and I cannot wait till the Wicked Halloween Run in Plymouth also put on by the same organization! 

Reference: Sham Rock n’ Roll Race – Plymouth, MI


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