As I drove to work this morning I noticed the rain and warm weather we have had the past two days have melted all the snow! I sat in my car silently cheering knowing that spring it right around the corner! Spring!!! The golf courses open (Mark and I are both so excited to get back on the golf course), I get to get back out there on my bike, and best of all… it is the beginning of race season!

Mark & I golfing at Bedford Valley in Battle Creek, MI (April 2012).

Mark & I golfing at Bedford Valley in Battle Creek, MI (April 2012).

Although many of you out there run (and race) outside all winter long there are a few reasons I don’t. First and foremost, my poor body just cannot handle the cold weather! I am not meant to be outside running in 10 degree weather! And secondly, for those who know me you realize I am not the most graceful person who walks on Earth! Seeing I like to conduct what are known as “random gravity checks” running outside with ice and snow just isn’t a good idea for me!

As Mark and I were talking this morning I realized it’s here… RACE WEEK! I started jumping up and down excited about this coming Sunday! RACE DAY! Mark and I will run our first race together, the Sham Rock n’ Roll 10k in Plymouth, MI (there are still spots open for those interested in running!!!) and my Mom & Dad are going to be running the LA Marathon the same day! It is amazing how I can already begin to feel the excitement you get from running in an official race.  (I think some of my excitement is because the first race of the season means that warm weather isn’t far away!)

Training for this race hasn’t been easy for me!  A few weeks ago I slipped on some ice while taking the dogs outside and I had to take 5 days off from training due to some knee pain.  Luckily for me, I was smart and took the the time I needed to recovery properly and I haven’t had any problems with it since.  Although I don’t feel 100% prepared, I know that no matter what it will feel great to get out there, hit the pavement, and complete the first race of 2013!


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