Sham Rock n’ Roll Run

Race Name: Sham Rock n’ Roll Run
Distance/Type: 10k
Race Location: Plymouth, MI
Race Date: March 18, 2012

Finish Time: 1:12:43
Finish Place (Age Division): 81/98

Okay, I will be honest… with everything going on in life along with some leg cramping issues the past month and a half, I have not been the most dedicated runner. Not nearly as dedicated as I should be especially when looking at my upcoming 2012 race schedule! So as this Sunday approached and I was staring at the calendar looking at this 10k I was in a slight mental freak out! I have never missed a race, and I surely wasn’t going to start by missing this one! I knew I would be able to do the distance so long as I didn’t try to blaze through it and just took at a nice and steady training pace!

One of the biggest reason that I signed up for this race was because of the awesome tech shirt runners would receive and all 10k finishers would get a finishers medal. As my alarm went off at 5:30 am I had to force myself out of bed. I got myself ready, made a protein shake, grabbed a cup of coffee and hit. It took just a little over an hour to get there. Parking was easy and extremely accessible, which was nice considering there were over 3,000 runners between all the different races.

The course was a fairly flat course, all through a local subdivision in downtown Plymouth. Organizers had water stations at perfect spots throughout the 10k course and even a port-o-potty around the 3 mile marker, which was nice! Just after the 3 mile maker, the 5k runners had begun their race and we all joined together. The last .2 of a mile was lined with spectators cheering on everyone to the finish.

The only negative feedback I would have, is the finish line was way too bottle necked. Within 20 feet of the finishing mat you had runners who had just finished, volunteers trying to give out finisher medals to only the 10k runners, two 8′ water tables that stuck half way out into the finishers shoot, and all the finishers/family who decided to stop and wait for other friends and family to finish. I would suggest for next year they make the finishers shoot longer and wider!

Overall a great race! The same organization puts on the Wicked Halloween Run in Plymouth, and I am going to be running that race as well!!!


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