A Two Year Review

The last few days I have been sitting around thinking about how far I’ve come in two years! Two years ago I was a young 24 year old girl who was severely morbidly obese. During an appointment with my doctor nearly two years ago, to the day, he asked if I had one major goal for myself to accomplish in life. Without hesitation I knew exactly what my answer was immediately. I had always had one major goal in life and the answer of “I want to become a runner” came flying out of mouth with a huge smile!

Since then I’ve done nothing but push myself to accomplish that goal. Let me tell you, the road hasn’t always been smooth or easy! There are long run days which I would rather be doing anything but running, but there is something deep within me which forces me to just keep going.

I began my running journey on May 23, 2010 running the Race for Your Memories 5k and since then I must say I have fallen completely in love with running!

For my fellow runners (at any level) race day is such an emotional high and as a competitive person I love feeding off of it!

Since then I have ran dozens of 5 & 10k races, a half marathon, a sprint distance triathlon and a full marathon. Looking at my race calendar for 2012 it already includes at least 3 half marathons, a full marathon, a sprint distance triathlon, a Tough Mudder, a half ironman triathlon, and a dozen or so 5 & 10k’s sprinkled in there. Each year I am now strategizing about which races to run so I can one day accomplish my goal of running a race in all 50 states!!

Running in no longer a physical battle I partake in to help keep me in shape. As much as one would think you could lose weight while training for a marathon or triathlon, trust me, you don’t! Running has become much more than that. After all the training and preparation I know I can physically handle these types of events, now running is a mental challenge! I enjoy seeing how far I can mentally and physically push my body to go. Just sitting here thinking how I’ve gone from the girl who wouldn’t get off the couch unless 100% necessary to the girl who is trying to become an ironman baffles me!

My races mean a lot to me! Each race I run as I cross the finish line, I think about where I started in May of 2010 and I always tear up! As proud as my family and friends are of me for how far I’ve come, no one could be prouder that I am of myself. And although I continue to amaze myself, my goals have grown in size now! Now that I have accomplished the goal to become a runner I have two new goals! Goals which are bigger and better!

First, I now want to become an IRONMAN and I want to run an ULTRA MARATHON of 50 miles; and second, I have made it mission to help get others who were in my situation into running! If I can do it, anyone can do it! I am a realist and realize that not everyone will have the goal of running a marathon, but everyone with the proper training can get out and walk/run a 5k!!

I’m going to end this with one of my favorite motivational workout quotes:

On more than occasion during training runs, crossing training, and even races I will find myself muttering this phrase over and over to myself as I break through the mental wall runners hit!


One thought on “A Two Year Review

  1. I am truly amazed by your determination! I have always wanted to run long distance, even in high school, but always end up with shin splints that puts me out for days. Congratulations and good luck in the years to come!

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