Ally Bunker Memorial Run

Race Name: Ally Bunker Memorial Run
Distance/Type: 5k
Race Location: Downtown Potterville, MI
Race Date: June 12, 2010

Finish Time: 52:48
Finish Place (Age Division): 12/16

So, after finishing my first race I turned my attention to the next one! For a few weeks I had been urging my friend, Brandy, to come out and run with me! “Really, I promise! It’s only 3.1 miles. You can walk it! It’s not that bad!”, I would say! Well, finally I found a race in Potterville, MI (her home town) and convinced her to out and join me for the Ally Bunker Memorial Run.

Brandy and I walked/ran the 5k and we both finished together!

A year later… Brandy is not hooked on racing as much as me!!

(Finished States: Michigan)


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