Beginning My Running Blog

For those of you who do not know me well, I have had a long personal history with health and wellness.  Since I was in the fourth grade, I have struggled with my weight.  After almost 15 years of struggling to control my weight through the means of diet and exercise, in January of 2010 I had weight loss surgery.  Although having weight loss surgery has given me a tool to help control my weight, in no way shape or form was having weight loss surgery my only key to regaining my “health and wellness”.

The day I had my surgery I made a personal commitment to myself that I would never rely solely on my surgery to remain healthy for the rest of my rest. My goal was not only to be a healthy weight, but it was also to be an “athlete”. Even as a “bigger girl” I was pretty athletic playing softball and snowboarding. However, my goals now were much more aggressive.

Over the past 20 months I have started to become the athlete I have always wanted to be! Now, one of the biggest goals of my life time and the number one goal on my bucket list is to “Run a Race in All 50 States”!

I’ve decided to start a blog about my goal, and share my experiences of the races I run! Please hang in there with me, as over the next couple of days I will be going all the way back to the beginning… May 2010 when I ran my first race ever and share about the races I’ve already ran!

My goal is to inspire others to get out there and be active! Whether your goal is to walk a 5k or run a marathon, every goal is important to those trying to accomplish them! Trust me… from personal experience I know that with a little determination, personal drive, and a little a$$ kicking… anything is possible!


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